Sunday, March 25, 2018

Electron Coupe: Cruiser or Daily Warrior



Spoon oil cap blue
Greddy magnetic oil drain bolt
HOP SIR Yutaka axleback
Titanium silencer tip

Hasport polyurethane racing engine mount
Samco silicone hose


Greddy magnetic oil drain bolt
HOP EK9 titanium Shift knob


Uniroyal Rainsport 2 tires 195/50/15
Rays forged duralumin lug nuts

Wedssport SA90 wheels 
Megan Racing rear strut bar


EK4 front calipers
Project Mu B-Spec brake pads

Brembo MAX rotors 262mm front
HEL braided SS brake lines front/rear

Mugen reservoir tank cover socks
MOTUL dot4 brake fluid


painted mirrors, side moldings and door handles
JDM thin side moldings
HOP Antenna block off plate
removed antenna
removed all signatures
removed wipers
JDM clear side markers 
customized rear fog lights
customized headlights 
EK9 HOP door visors 
Tegiwa anodized fender washers
JDM koleshiya badge


HR-V Steering wheel
customized gauge cluster 

HOP EK9 Carbon gauge bezel
Alpine CDE-100 stereo unit
JBL door speakers
removed hand rests

Impreza-Bugeye STI front seats 
customized seat rails
HOP Civic floor mats
grey armrest with Bride fabric

Plans for the future?!?       -Yes, keep it clean and simple with care for services.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

♛ PHOENIX EJ9: Dreams of Passion ♛


Specifications and mods on the car:


D14Z1 engine rebuild
J's Racing oil cap blue
HOP throttle body gasket iS

 Burstflow 4-2-1 SS header
Super Street Performance B-pipe 60.5mm
5Zigen Test pipe 60mm

Blackpath lightweight crank pulley
H22 290cc Keihin Injectors
Vehemo Valve cover filter breather 
Spoon Sports N1 VER.2 axleback
Spoon Sports magnetic oil drain bolt
Spoon Sports spark plugs
Spoon Sports low-temp Thermo switch
Spoon Sports low-temp thermostat

Spoon Sports high pressure radiator cap 1.35kg/cm2
Mishimoto aluminum radiator 48mm
Hasport polyurethane racing engine mounts
HOP customized airbox with direct flow

removed PS and looped system
Hel braided fuel line with Mocal AN fittings
Tegiwa silicone coolant hoses blue
TT Racing silicone coolant hoses blue
Samco silicone hoses


Exedy stage I clutch
Spoon Sports magnetic oil drain bolt
Mugen aluminum shift knob 5MT
Prothane shift linkage bushings urethane
JDM anodized aluminum single-band short shifter
HOP lightened axle shafts
Hel braided clutch line

Epman polyurethane racing mounts


Toyo R888R 195/50/15 front
Toyo R1R 195/50/15 rear
Spoon Sports inner spacer set
Spoon Sports front strut bar
Spoon Sports lower arm bushing set
Rays Volk RE30 15x6.5 ET38 4x100 forged bronze
Work RSR extended forged aluminum
wheel lug nuts M12X1.50mm
ARP Racing extended wheel studs (long)
D2 RS coilovers (street) monotube 12.5 kg
Cusco front lower arm bar ver.I
Energy Suspension trailing arm polyurethane bushings
J's Racing rear camber arms
Benen Industries tie bar purple
Megan Racing rear LCA's blue
Megan Racing C-pillar bar
Cusco type-OS rear strut bar
SPATS Floor bar
HOP customized front UCA's 

Titanium tower nuts


Spoon Sports twin-block calipers
Spoon Sports brake pads front
Spoon Sports reservoir tank cover
Dixcel FS rotors 282mm 

Nissin complete brake drums and shoes
front removed dust shields
custom air duct 35mm
HEL braided ss brake lines front/rear
MOTUL dot4 brake fluid
7/8 BMC

Body repainted with Phoenix Yellow/Sunlight yellow
customized shaved front facelift bumper
Mugen SS style front bumper lip
J's Racing carbon GT canards

Canard titanium bolts
Header titanium nuts
EK9 HOP front grill
removed wiper jets
removed front wiper motor
removed rear wiper motor
removed rear bumper beam
removed heat shields
removed wiper fluid reservoir with all lines removed
removed OEM front tow hooks
HOP customized headlights to EK9 with flat black housing
HOP EK9 taillights customized
HOP BB8 fuel tank cap
Mugen fuel cap cover

EK9 carbon fuse box cover
CTR-style rear bumper lip
EK9 HOP wing
JDM thin side moldings
JDM EK side power mirrors
HOP Antenna block off plate
JDM clear side markers
customized purple light bulbs
HOP lightened doors (removed impact bars)
HOP Ferio rear door handles
removed door key locks
removed all signatures
removed all emblems
HOP shaved tailgate
EK9 HOP door visors

door visor titanium bolts
anodized valve stems candy teal
removed hood edge protector
HOP customized lighweight bonnet
Mugen licence bolt set
anodized fender washers gold VMS
anodized fender washers blue EPR Racing
anodized fender washers blue PW JDM
anodized fender washers Tegiwa
anodized distributor cup washer kit
JDM large fender washers neo-chrome
repainted inner fenders purple
repainted underneath purple
repainted engine bay Y56
removed inner fender protectors
Cusco battery tie down blue
Spoon Sports radiator stay
colored zip ties
tucked engine bay with customized harness
JDM soshinoya/koleshiya badges, magnets


gutted interior
tucked wires&connectors
EK9 carbon dash vents
EK9 carbon steering column
removed all sound deadening
body repainted with Y-56
Takata race harness 4-points ASM 
customized cyan gas pump cover
customized side trims
Spoon Sports gen.3 steering wheel

Spoon Sports steering boss
Spoon Sports blue wide rear view mirror
JDM Orthia gauge cluster (blue faced)
Arospeed metal pedals
custom anodized foot rest
Bride fabric floor mats
Cusco spinturn knob (candy blue)
customized e-brake locker
CDM airbag delete tray
HOP radio block-off plate
custom clock block-off plate
removed SRS system with all airbags
removed sun visors
removed horn

removed ash tray&lighter
removed rear speakers
JDM EK9 cup holder
JDM Recaro SR-IV Wildcat yellow (limited edition)
JDM Recaro base frame ASM
custom floor carpet navy blue
Bride fabric headliner
Bride fabric door panels
EK armrest with Bride fabric

HOP dark grey interior plastic
black suede with blue stitching shift boot
no water-leaks at all

“Real happiness lies in the completion of work using your own brains and skills.” – Soichiro Honda

LEGO "My own creation" Return to Castle Wolfenstein II

*This is my exclusive customized minifigure set related to PC game: Wolfenstein Return to Castle.

Minifigures was customized from all sources worldwide and was later painted by me to achieve the closest look as possible. There are only some of them, so please take a look and enjoy as much as I do while creating them. =)



                                                               Thanks for watching!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

LEGO "My own creation": WWII Village of Ardennes (Belgium) - december 1944


*Age recommended: 16+
*This is my own creation for ending this year in style, it serve only as winter exponate!
*Video is not made for propaganda, offense or any profit, it's been made just for fun!


Exponate is 96x96 LEGO dots wide and include circa 3800 - 4000 bricks made by Lego and many other manufacturers. Also, some bricks were customized, remodeled or painted by me.

This project took me about 5 months to made to the stage you can finally see in this video.
Money invest is a mystery.








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