Sunday, December 17, 2017

LEGO "My own creation": WWII Village of Ardennes (Belgium) - december 1944


*Age recommended: 16+
*This is my own creation for ending this year in style, it serve only as winter exponate!
*Video is not made for propaganda, offense or any profit, it's been made just for fun!


Exponate is 96x96 LEGO dots wide and include circa 3800 - 4000 bricks made by Lego and many other manufacturers. Also, some bricks were customized, remodeled or painted by me.

This project took me about 5 months to made to the stage you can finally see in this video.
Money invest is a mystery.








 Thank you for watching!

Sunday, April 9, 2017


As for introduction, this event did have the most rarest cars till now.
We've been witness to some of the greatest cars in history of cars, the RX-7! YES, the "FD3S's "are extremely rare machines in europe. You just can't spot it next to your fuckin coffee shop, do you?

And also need to mention the not so well known "Toyota Verossa" it's just another VIP chassis that's JDM AF! The bad part is that I didn't have opportunity to see it in person, damn, well mayber next time..

IMO this was my favorite car at the event that night, FD's are my dream cars.

No matter what people would say, RX-7 is trully a racecar. Rotaries rules!

Yokohama Advan AVS model 7 wheels were fitted.



R32 GTR with GTR R34 wheels, I don't like that bodykit much but car's still damn sexy.

the monstrous RB26DETT, you can't see that everyday.

You cannot believe, it's a stock S14 Zenki-model! and no visible damage to the body. This just can't be...

Enkei RPF1

Skylines... both of these were non-GTR.

Carbon bonnet

Work Meister CR-Kai at the front

Rays Gram Light Maximum looks extremely good on this S15

JDM Sonar clear tail lights.

Dat ass..

MX-5, good looking roadster.

Skyline GT-T R34

Honda CR-Z with Mugen additives, almost impossible to see that in europe. Nice!

180SX with wide bodykit, it's sure nice but oversized for R32 GTR wheels.

rear end, ahh so classy jdm look.
 I prefer wingless Silvias but this looks good as well.

 Car has full Vertex body kit installed, one of the nicest aftermarket kits you can get!

 I don't know what I do like more, the girl or the car?!? hmmm.... Ok, I'll take the car!

 another angle XD

 engine bay is full of bling bling. I have talk with owner, good man and if I remember right, the car has around 330-350 hp. I'm sure it's a serious neck-breaker!






Nicest MX-5 I've ever seen!