If you’re viewing this blog, then you probably know me. Otherwise you will get the imagination just in time! 

And for those who really don’t know me, I'm Miha, a freelancer with many hobbies; listening&editing music, playing games of all kind, MTG card collector&creator, mod installer for PC games, drawing, sports... And of course the main additive: I'm really into Hondas. Shortly said, in "import tuner world". Soo for the rest of my life, I will spent my time in this car subculture which is not so well known in my country and in fact it's not even frienldy oriented country to car enthusiasts. You can't buy much car related tools, or even motherfucking aluminium washer for a regulary oil change! -_-. Every car part that suits my JDM needs and stands out of other cheapshit builts needs to be imported from Japan, US, UK or other countries. Which eventually makes things complicated and drastically price increasing!

I'm doing this because I love sports cars since I was a child, and not just any cars, particulary japanese cars! There is something on them that is way different of other cars elsewhere.

I just love the way they behave and how cool they are/can become if you modify them properly. 
I would never change the way I live and that indescribable feeling when "you're part of it". This is learning, experience and boost your creativeness when you play with your immagination. After all, this is something you create with your own hands, brains and knowledge. Off course money plays a big role in this game and if you think your hobby is expensive, think again!

What I'm trying to achieve on any car is that perfect aesthetic look of a car without changing it too much and without unnecesary parts added. Everything I change on cars needs to be; lighter, better/or equally quality than already is from the factory. None of my project cars has never been abused or used as a daily driver.

- Website you're watching here is for my random stuff, it's what I have been doing in life over and over again (car meets, events, shows, music and gaming.
-"Skunkworks Customs" blog is mainly made for viewing and sharing.
-Car related parts also for sale and collection only!  
for more info contact: carving.jdm@gmail.com

Thanks for taking the time and enjoy your stay.

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